Printmaking and silkscreen in particular offers an innovative technique of repetition and manipulation of transparencies and opacities of colors. The process allows me to be both experimental and technical.  My recent work explores the use of sustainable materials with contemporary recognizable logos and images.  By using recyclable materials as a printable surface, I have created murals, folded images and objects depicting endangered species, origins of species and the destruction of our environment. With the use of contemporary unmistakable and repeated images combined with global awareness, I have created statements of the ecological consequences in our daily lives.

As an Arab American, I have also combined difficult social and political issues in my work.  Reflection and recollection are narratives as well as fragments of letters, maps, family photos, genealogy, and found objects. The elements of size, scale, reflection, and surprise are intrinsic to my prints and structures. The story telling are paper quilts that document family history, the body and home.  The “Palestinian” series is miniature in order to emphasize the disregard towards loss of life, land, and hope for many of my relatives.  A tiny object that can be held in one’s hand can be more powerful than an enormous artwork. An example entitled “Women of War” is depicted in a small format and reflects the neglect of women in all wars. The series “Memory” is a tribute to my mother’s fifteen-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease that destroyed her body and mind.  A number of my works look at the human body and investigate the idea of a box as a vessel or container for organs.   All of my works invite the viewer to participate, communicate and experience the subject matter.

In some of my work imagination and storytelling seen through the eyes of a child is the focal point of my connections. It is an intricate weave of the past and present.  Motion, chaos and activity take place in alternate worlds along with brilliance of color.  The images are playful yet foreboding and create a visual dialogue with the viewer.